Curved Black Line Earrings

by Anther a shop

These earrings are deceivingly lightweight made from oxidized brass, silver, silver details, silver posts.

  • Oxidized brass & Silver
  • Sterling Silver posts
  • Length 3.75" drop


It is in the nature of silver and brass to tarnish over time. While it can be restored, we encourage you to embrace the evolving finish of the metal. If you prefer, you can use Bon Ami Cleaning Powder, or a polishing cloth to restore the original finish of your item.

To use Bon Ami Cleaning Powder: Create a paste with the powder and water. Gently rub the surface of the metal with your fingers. Rinse clean, and dry thoroughly. Please note that oxidized/black metal will lose its finish if scrubbed, or polished.

To avoid dramatic oxidation, remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or using sprays of any kind. When you're not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing it in a sealed plastic bag in a dry environment. Although we put a lot of emphasis on the craft and quality of our product, each piece should be handled and stored with care to ensure it's longevity.