Palmas Earrings

by ANTHER a shop

These Art Deco statement earrings are inspired by postmodern Palm leaf designs. Between a statement and a minimal drop earring, these dainty earrings have a flattering shape and weigh next to nothing. 

Composed of hand dyed vintage lace with a ripple (ribbed) texture in earth tones and jewel tones with pure brass metal components. 

A perfect way to wear some lace on your ears in all subtlety.

  • Hypoallergenic nickel-free gold plated brass posts, with butterfly backings
  • Length: 2.5" 
  • Width: 1"
  • Handmade in Montreal
  • Limited edition due to the vintage and/or exotic sourcing of the materials
  • Made by This Ilk



After a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design in 2007, Montreal designer Tamara Bavdek needed a change. A big one.

So after nearly 20 years of long hair, she decided to chop it off into an unconventional retro bowl cut. Knowing that a touch of femininity would be lost together with her long locks, she turned to the era of awesome short dos with women who knew how to pull them off: the 1960s... She was struck by Edie Sedgwick's, Andy Warhol's muse, amazing style. Extra-large statement jewelry and bold make-up seemed to do the trick so off she went looking for a way to mimic a pair of Edie's earrings which although were not made of lace, reminded her of fabric. And that is how it all started...

A stroke of genius, and soon she realized that lace is to textiles what gold is to metals and diamonds to rocks and that nothing beats lightweight statement jewelry! 

Today, the hair has grown again but the passion for statement pieces never fades. Founded in Montreal in late 2008, This Ilk is now distributed in over 30 boutiques in Canada, in the USA and around the world.